This will allow you to use the AH-100 am/ssb handheld on the 10 meter ham band. To operate on 10 meters you'll need the appropriate license. This modification WILL:

Void your warranty

Hopefully work, but no "I swear it will's"

Be illegal for operations outside the 10 meter ham band (we're supplying this modification for legal 10meter use).


1. Remove battery pack

2. Remove the three screws in the back of the unit, and one screw on the wrist strap holder.

3. Carefully remove the back BUT, be carefull because the spring-loaded battery clip will shoot across the room leaving you "Springless". Place the unit on it's front/back-side UP.

4. Look behind the PTT switch PCB and you'll see three lans (as pictured). Solder/connect all three. Re-assemble handheld.

5. Power ON with the Channel 9 button depressed. The display should be blank. Take your finger off the Ch.9 button and you should get your display back along with an alpha character in the lower left of the display. This is your band selection. Use the Ch.9 button to change bands, you'll find that happily enough, it covers whole 10meter ssb portion! Enjoy, and hope to hear ya on 28.365 sometime.....KB5CEJ

*NOTE- If the unit has been powered "ON", the internal memory has been activated and even though you do the physical modification, it won't work. Remove the battery pack, turn the unit "ON", and leave it for about 24hrs. Then try turning it on with ch.9 depressed.

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