Bob Millum


 So, you would like to know a little about the Browning laboratories Inc. ? Well, we are going to discuss as much as I know - and I hope to produce an article that will give you as much information as you will need to discuss this great radio brand with the best of them! As Elvis was the "King" of rock, and Richard Petty was the "King" of NASCAR, Browning 11 meter radio equipment was definitely "King" of the CB band between 1959 and 1979. But I am going to surprise some of you and go back....way before 1959 (ed.- Okay, it's time to put your official "WoodyWorld" time-travel hats on!), back in the early days of radio - around the 1920's

Dr. Glenn Browning was among a small but select group of electronics-minded pioneers actively involved in this new medium. One of Dr. Browning's closest friends and associates was Major Edwin Armstrong, the inventor who developed FM and multiplex broadcast techniques (ed.- also interesting reading is the rivalry between Maj. Armstrong and Commander MacMillan of Zenith). Among the contributions of these two men were some of the more technological ideas which have proved to be the backbone of our modern concept of radio communications.

 The old Browning Radio Plant.
 In this early period, Browning Laboratories was known as the Browning-Drake Company. Glenn Browning and L.H.Drake developed a special mathematically designed, tuned, R.F. Transformer which was incorporated in a circuit known as the Browning-Drake circuit. The invention was an overnight success and sales of a kit using the circuit reached into the millions. The Browning-Drake Company was one of the first companies to specialize in the manufacture of precision built radio receivers. The company's reputation for attention to detail grew, and today, almost three-quarters of a century later, Browning-Drake models are highly prized as valuable collectors items.

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