Like you I got started in about 1967 when my grandfather bought a CB.I had to have one, got old Regency. My Dad got a license KBU 7968 I called myself Blue Light, after we landed on the moon I changed to Blue Light on Tranquility Base. By that time I was working on televisions and CB radios. I had just bought a new Browning Eagle Mark II and had a pair of stacked Moonrakers. I worked DX all over the County.

I started a CB shop in my parents’ basement, I was 14 at the time but I had fun. I met a guy who rented a store and sold radios .I did a lot of the repair work and by the time I went into the Army in 1972 the store was doing well. While in Germany I worked a Mars station and got away from radios when I got back home. My Grandfather talked locally in Dayton Ohio until he died just this year in February. I got back that Browning Eagle that I bought in 69 from his house in February. Since then I acquired a Regency Imperial,


Imperial II,



Siltronix 1011D


and a Yaesu 101ZD.

I remember going to many coffee breaks and jamborees. We had something called the Eagles CB club. I found one of my QSL cards at my Grandfather’s house but my own collection is long gone. I will probably sell the Siltronix,I do not like that rig. I have collected a Golden Eagle D 104 and a new final editon. Those days of talking skip and going to coffee breaks talking about the latest contact or how to make your station better was some of my best times. Your page brought back a lot of good memories for me. Keep up the good work.