I am a CB radio collector living in Japan. Please find attached picture of EFJ Messenger 350. I got this old radio at Akihabara electric town in 1981 when I was a student and enjoy cycle 21 over sea QSO using Kenwood TS520D modified for CB.

Messenger 350 was so classical and because of
very slow AGC and fixed frequency restriction,
I almost could not use for QSO. But I like the big gray
filter and blue print circuit board and quality of
Made in USA.

I started CB in 1973. My first radio was 500mW
2 channels SONY Little John that was a Xmas present. Soon I notice that there are many radios with 23 channels and 4W output power but not allowed using in Japan. Of course in next year I got my first 4W radio TENKO_H21/4(cousin of Robyn XL-TWO) and enjoy boom years.

Until 1977, I could enjoy QSO using only 4W radio
but after 1978 high power trackers appear and QRM
became serious. So I leave to SSB and never returned AM. In recently populations in the CB band decrease year by year because of cellular phone boom and hard regulation control.

Another radio favorite is Midland 79-900. This radio was made by UNIDEN and made in Japan not in Taiwan. I got this radio in 1982 when I was at university. 79-900 has a PLL with controller so it was difficult to modify PLL bits. So I made a controller board with counters , LED display drivers and a EPROM then built into this radio. LED display shows 00 to 99 and up and down by every 10kHz between 26.7MHz to 27.7MHz , of course I made a offset 5kHz switch. Unlike as other UNIDEN radios 79-900 is a high end radio. It has a beautiful double side print circuit board and using dual gate FET and Diode balanced mixer in front-end circuit. Sensitivity is good but not noisy like GRANT. I used this radio for QSO with local friends in Tokyo and used to use 27.645MHz LSB.

I visited your home page many times and surprised your splendid collection. I know you have Messenger 350. I only want you to notice that another Messenger 350 in Japan, too. Appreciate to a lot of information and memories in CB gazette. Please continue this great work!

(name withheld at the request of the writer)