I was pretty excited when I first heard about this radio, and was one of the 1st ones to get 'em! My initial reaction was "Hey! This looks like a Galaxy", and since then, you can add several other makes and models to the "cloned" list.

Besides the usual features this radio has a 5 digit frequency display (for those who like to venture outside the realm of legality) which I found to be alright in night-time situations, but pretty crappy to see during daylight driving.

Adjacent channel rejection was average (AVERAGE= Better than a Midland 79-290), and I think this summed it up throughout my usage of it. As I've noted before, the MOST STUPID rule that the Feds came up with was to have the clarifier locked on SSB rigs - however, this puppy tends to "drift like an un-anchored boat" when un-locked. The basic footprint/circuitry is that of the old 148 setup, with a few changes, and made in a factory with less quality control.

Keep in mind that this was one of the first units offered for sale and it's possible they may have corrected it by now....nonetheless, I think you might be happier with something else.