Eagle 2000 / RCI 2980


(originally published in Issue #11, CB Gazette)


If you get the Copper Electronics Catalog monthly (In addition to the Gazette I also wrote reviews for other publications such as Copper), you've probably already read my review for them on this unit, however, I can be a tad more specific with the famous "WoodyWorld Lab's Tech Review".....

Okay, the Eagle 2000, is basically the same looking box as the Eagle 5000 or RCI-2990, (and identical to the RCI-2980) with a few changes. First off, you get a five digit frequency display instead of the Eagle 5000's 6 digit's, and if you can make it out in the photo, a channel display (1-40), which means, besides being a 10 meter rig, it (like just about anything else on the market) can be converted for use on 11 meters [Danger-danger Wil Robinson, this is illegal in the US - Gotta have that warning clause...] however, if you do so, don't expect to use the 10meter band too, because the phone band is gone after the conversion.

Before I get into too many specifics, I'll say that "I like it". Now, on to other things!


RF gain

AF gain

SWR Calibrate

a receive-only tone control

Mic gain

Squelch control

Mode selector switch

RF output control

Phone jack


a band selector switch A-F, which is factory disabled, as this is a 10 meter rig right?
Flip/toggle switches include:

Roger Beep (VERY loud),

NB/ANL (works VERY good),


+10KHz (sometimes useful),

and Echo (NOT a particular favorite of mine).

Nice Dual Meters (see photo)

and in the field tests, it performed very well! I made a few 10 meters contacts, and they all
said I sounded good with the stock mic, but after I did some mic switching, the one that
does the trick is the old Turner desk mic,the "Super-Sidekick". All-in-all, it was a pleas-
ure operating this 10 meter base unit. You can flip a coin between the 2980 and the Eagle 2000, but cosmetically, I like the gold trim on the Eagle better! As for reliability - I'd pick this over a 2990 or whatever 100watt version they are selling currently - anytime.

Heavy duty power supply