Uniden Grant-XL


"The Uniden Grant-XL is THE most copied design in the world (IMHO), and set THE standard for a quality, high performance am-ssb CB radio...."

Okay, I've got that off my chest, now let's look a little into the history of the Grant:

Uniden made it's name by making quality radios for Cobra back in the 70's, thus allowing Cobra to make their name in CB history. They also made radios for other importers, and had a very successful line of "President" radios, named after (3 guesses, and the first two don't count) US Presidents!

When they decided to ditch the President line and come out on their own as Uniden, many of their popular President models followed. The Grant was one of them.

I'm sure many of you have looked at the Copper Electronics catalogs, which pictured the Cobra 148 and the Uniden Grant, side-by-side, and wondered:

"Except for the price (cobra was about $50 more) they look the same on the outside"

And for awhile this was true. Unfortunetely, Cobra decided to go with cheaper manufacturers, varying from one year to the next, which also varied their quality. Uniden has maintained their high quality standards throughout the years.

You've read the specs on one website or another so I won't jot them down here, and the radio has your usual standard features:



Rf Gain

Swr calibrate


Mic Gain


S-Rf meter

am-ssb modes

one of the BEST noise-blanker/limiters in the business

When I got back into CBing in the early 80's I found a vast wasteland -

Where had all the CB Shops gone?

Where did all the CB Manufactuers go?

Fortunately Uniden was still around and although both the Uniden and Cobra am/ssb radios were coming out of the same place, I chose the Uniden for it's cosmetics. It served me well.

From time-to-time I'll pick up another Grant and we'll use it for awhile and I've never regretted sticking to the "Brand".

But one thing I'd like to say again: You can find a better made, better performing rig in this price class, as you will with the Uniden Grant-XL

'nuff said - Woody