Model 674

The Hy-Gain series of CB radios were a great line: Well made, not too flashy, and unique in style. Of course, my favorite was the Hy-gain V, or Model 674 (the original, as opposed to the Model "B"). As most of you fervored fans already know, I'm a BIG fan of BIG radios, and so the Hy-gain "box" series was always a particular favorite of mine (Not too mention that BIG base station of theirs the 623).


Most of you are familiar with the Hy-gain V in it's "B" version as pictured below:


And many have never seen the first Model 674, but once you do, you can't mistake the differences:

The "A" model is a bit different in the front, as it has two toggle switches instead of the push buttons used in the "B" model. The tips of the toggles light up!

The biggest difference you will encounter will be on the back panel:



See the difference? The "A" model has a multi-pinned jack in the back which is for the Optional Hy-gain VFO! Yes, the "A" model had an accessory VFO (for reception only) which could be modified for use on transmit as well.

As you can imagine...."Uncle Charlie" didn't like that too much!


This combination was VERY desirable to the freebander, and HAM Radio operator as well - What better combo was suited for 10m conversion??

No matter where you find the Hy-Gain V for sale (Garage sale, E-bay, swapmeet) it will most likely be the "B" model. I've only run across two "A's" in my time:

The first one I owned and then this one!


There is a 3rd model - the Hy-Gain V which looked similar but had a Uniden PCB inside instead of the Cybernet chassis. It also had the usual small-sized mobile meter vs. the large meter of the previous 2 models.

Model 674 - CBSAMS 70

Model 674b - CBSAMS 129

Hy-Gain V - CBSAMS 291


The cybernet models worked just fine, but are limited because of their 23channels, and an inferior noise blanker for auto use. The Uniden made model has the better noise blanker and like any early Uniden PLL chassis - is easy to modify. I've run the Hy-Gain V in the WoodyWorld Test van with great results, and for the most part, prefer the large radio (I just wish they had kept the large meter from the Cybernet models). The flat black finish with dull chrome, make for a good non-reflective mobile!