On a whim, I bought this off Ebay for $50 plus shipping. The radio arrived fairly quickly and I hooked it up to my test station. This was a "stock" radio, with no modifications (which would be difficult to do anyways).

Receive was clear, but the small internal speaker was a bit tinny, which is understandable due to the small cabinet. Transmit audio was low and fuzzy which I attribute to the microphone. At first, I was a bit alarmed because I didn't see a Noise Blanker switch on the front panel, but as I found out, the NB function is automatic, and it did indeed, do a pretty decent job.

Adjacent channel rejection was average, which I expected, and for someone requiring a small base station without extra channels or an unlocked clarifier, this would make a nice rig (the SSB TX audio was pretty close to where everyone else was, so for many communications it wouldn't matter).

All-in-all, not a bad little rig - too small for me and well....Unless it's CPI, "white" just doesn't do it for me.