The Uniden PC-122XL is a small sized solid-state mobile ideal for limited space situations. This radio has limited features, but all of the necessary ones are included. For modification freaks, extra channels and clarifier mod's are possible, but can be difficult to do without blowing an IC.



I found the PC-122 easy to use, and I would imagine the same would be true for an inexperienced sidebander as well. The 122 chassis has been around for a number of years with slight variations. For example, the PRO-810e am/ssb base station is nothing more than a 122 chassis and power supply in a sleek black box.

I used the 122 for several months in the WoodyWorld "Test Van" and received many excellent reports back from those I talked with. As a matter of fact, one of my test radio lab rats, Doug, ("Me and Doug..." Episode 1, Issue 3 CB Gazette 1994) who has heard me on countless radios over the past 15 years made the comment:

"That's the most natural sounding radio I've ever heard you talk on"

And I was using only the stock microphone.


WATTAGE: Usual, just under legal output. I woudn't recommend trying to turn it up much.

TRANSMIT AUDIO: Very good with just the stock microphone. I added a Turner +3 hand microphone later. And, as anyone who reads my articles knows, I'm dead-set AGAINST cutting any modulation limiter circuits.

RECEPTION: Clean reception. Sensitive. Good noise blanker and better than average adjacent channel rejection.


If you're limited in space, cash, or both, the Uniden PC-122 can't be beat for getting you on sideband. Transmit audio is very natural sounding, and with it's tight receiver, you won't be catching bleedover as bad as someone who owns and RCI radio.

'Nuff said, Woody...