PC76XL - Professional CB Radio


Full 40 Channel Operation

NB/ANL Switch

PA/CB Switch

Instant Channel 9

RF Gain

Mic Gain

Antenna Warning LED

S/RF/SWR Meter

Delta Tune Control

Bright/Dimmer Switch


Uniden made a name for Cobra when it slapped the Cobra 29 faceplate over this chassis. Today, the Cobra 29 is only a former shadow of itself (quality-wise), while the Uniden PC-76 keeps on talking (quality took a dive when 29’s started coming out of China. Pre-China 29’s, including the 29xlr are solid rigs)

Except when I’m on the road SSB is the mode for me, and if I used AM primarily - this mobile would be all I ever needed for quality communications. Nothing is left out. as the PC-76 includes Instant Chanel 9, Mic and RF Gain controls, and a combo S-RF-SWR meter. The review unit I demo’d worked just great, and I received excellent audio reports from other operators. The noise blanker that Uniden has in their units is second-to-none - if this NB/ANL circuit can’t contain your noise, it's likely no other radio will.

If you're content with AM-only conversations, then this rig is for you. Uniden has another version of this model with Weather Channel reception, and a new version with backlit controls. If you're into AM and SSB, then consider the Uniden Grant-XL.



* The 76 series was discontinued and replaced by the PC78 line