This one is short and sweet: I bought several RCI-2950's and suffered a variety of flakey problems with each one! This is too bad, because as far as features, knob layout, and display, I really REALLY liked this radio - In fact, I'll go so far as to say, this has the best display I've ever seen on a mobile radio and had absolutely NO problems viewing it during any given time of the day or night.

From it's flakey problems, and after talking with other RCI owners, I suppose you can contribute their problems to a combination of terrible quality control and poor manufacturing practices. Yes, I've knows several guys who swear by them, and have been faithful RCI owners for years, but most of them seem to have several (for when the other one is in the shop) of have had to buy several throughout the years because the earlier one's failed.

Besides the Quality Control issues, the front-end is easily overloaded, and subject to intense bleedover from nearby stations on other channels. Not the best rig to use daily on the freeway.

For features, read my RCI-2990 review. Same rig, just more output power in a box with a power supply.