Robyn SB-510D



40ch am/ssb mobile radio

S-Rf Meter

Digital Display / Red L.E.D.

Dimmer control


Tx/Rx lights



Loc/dx Switch

CB/PA Switch

NB Switch

Ext/Int Spkr Switch


 The Robyn SB-510D is one of those rigs that you'll only find at Garage Sales, E-bay, or the "USED" section at some CB Shop - It hasn't been made in over a decade! So, why buy some ancient piece of radio gear?


I've been running my Midland 79-290 in the van for a couple months and couldn't take the bleedover along I-10 any longer. If a Trucker was within 3-5 miles of me, and yakking on channel 19 or 14 (thanks NAFTA), any hopes of using sideband on 36-40 were useless.

Desperation calles for desperate solutions so I began hunting through various boxes, in search of one of those older "jewels" that would typically work much better than one of today's newer radios (Galaxy, Cobra, RCI, Midland, Texas Ranger,etc.) and then I rediscovered my Robyn SB-510D!

This rig uses an older PLL (for you tinkerers) and has a very good noise-blanker, good transmit audio and yes - Great Adjacent Channel rejection. It's amazing what a difference this radio makes vs. the 79-290 I was previously running. Sure, I still get bleedover, but as a rule, I can still use SSB without many problems.

The AM reception is a little too quiet, and if you've owned an Emporer TS-5010 you know what I mean (Flip to AM and it appears the radio is dead - until someone transmits). And I prefer that to a steady hash of noise.

I bought this one at a Garage sale of sorts and you should be able to find one out there too at a fairly reasonable price. This radio uses the same PCB as the matching Robyn base station (SB-520D), along with several other popular brands which used a Uniden chassis.

Eventually, some new rig with a nice frequency readout will lure me into shelving the Robyn again, but a rig like this is almost a must as a backup rig.

Good luck in your hunt!