TTeaberry was a big name in the 70's (remember the Teaberry Stalker 202?), and the Stalker XX Domestic, and Non-Domestic versions were one of the last "BIG" rigs to hit the market in the late 70's. It had a lot of great features, but unlike it's domesitc/USA brother, this model could be modified. Let's look at the technical points first:

Crystal controlled PLL

AM, SSB, AND FM modes

Digital Clock/Wake up

RX Tone Control Functioning as Band Select

SWR Meter

Model tested had Europe-type connector with 110v adapter.

As you can see by the picture, this rig is stylish, and it's looks are rather distinctive, as most Teaberry's were (Notice the difference between this model's (Export) black face and case, and the Stalker XX Domestic version's woodgrain look). I found the Stalker XX very easy to use, The microphone uses the familiar 5 pin connector, and I received some nice audio reports from just the hand microphone.

Receive audio was good, but the rx tone was a bit high pitched. The fact that the Tone control was disabled was enough cause for this.

The only downsides I found were:

1. Adjacent channel rejection on SSB was only average (as compared to my model of comparison, the Stoner Pro 40). Once again, if you live in a rural area, of someplace NOT near a major freeway, this isn't much of an issue. [When I say "average" I mean: Pretty decent and not as bad as an RCI or Midland 79-290]


The Stalker XX Non-Domestic is a nice radio to operate and Modification can be done via the 8719 PLL chip. I'm not sure why they went with black & chrome cosmetics, unless it was for easy identification vs the domestic model. It should make a fine addition to your collection or, for everyday use!