The GE "Superbase" has gained legendary status via collectors and operators alike, but how legendary IS it?? Let's take a look.....




Digital Clock

2 large, well-lit meters

Antenna switch (A/B) built-in


Modulation/SWR metering functions

Receiver "Tone" control



RF Gain

CB/PA Switch

Built-in speech compressor



This radio was manufactured for General Electric by Cybernet, makers of some quality products in their day (Hy-Gain, Midland,Colt, etc.) and used the PLL-02A chip, which as you've heard, was highly modifiable! It used a two-PCB chassis (which you'll see in some other rigs) which made it easy-to-fit in the case, but somewhat difficult to service.

From this side view, you can see the top and bottom PCB's.


The transmit section of this radio performed great - Good signal and very good audio with only the stock hand microphone! As you know from my previous reviews, I live near a major freeway with lots of Trucker traffic (bleedover), and so I'm pretty picky on adjacent channel rejection / front-end overload. While this radio wasn't as bad as a Midland 79-290, it wasn't as good as my Stoner Pro-40, or ARF-2001.

I really liked the radio, both the way it looked and worked, and if I was living somewhere away from the main road, I definitely would have kept it in the shack.

Is this radio for you? I can't tell ya that - only what I like or don't like. This is one nice looking Base station (not too large, not too small), with a popular PLL chip, and nice features. As for me, I'm happy to say that I've owned and operated one for a period of time, but for now - it's back to the Stoner.