Woody Reviews:

Emporer TS-3010

(review from #15/1997 CB Gazette)


Just when you thought Emporer was a one hit success they come out with another innovative mobile - the TS3010! As you can tell from the pictures, the 3010 is unlike it's big brother in appearance, looking more like a typical 11 meter CB than a 10m ham rig.

I know most of you are wondering "So what's the difference between the two?" Well, the 3010 is less expensive (about $190 street price), and they've left off a few things like FM and memory channels (the 5010's memories were hell to use anyways). This has a nice amber display, much like it's big brother, only slightly smaller (and not quite as bright).

The channel/frequency selector is located at the lower right corner of the radio and I must admit that I really like the "feel" of this selector (only on some 2 meter rigs have I felt one so smooth).


Your usual controls are on the front panel, and I like the clarifier control right next to the channel selector knob. Inside, I found this to be VERY neat and well organized. Components aren't just crammed on the board giving some thought to the tech who has to work inside it (many of the test points and variable controls are also labeled).

While this is a 10-Meter radio, I was surprised to find this 11m-ready right out of the box (perhaps an oversight at the factory), and with a quick two-button "mod" I was operating on 10 meters with some of my local cronies.

Receive was as expected, very good, and transmit audio reports were good as well. I liked the standard three connector power plug (cb standard) and with 10meter's getting increasingly "HOT", this radio should give you lot's of enjoyment!

UPDATE - 11.01.99

As most of you know, the Emporer TS-5010 disappeared only a few short years after making it's splash on the radio scene. I suspect it was due, in part, to the lack of quality control that went into later shipments. The 5010 has since resurfaced on the Copper Electronics website under the guise of the ALAN 9001. As for the 3010, it has remained an active seller all of these years, so it must be doing fairly well in quality control issues. I hope to get another one soon to do an extensive roadtest - Woody