Palomar Digital 101

Good question! I don't have a definitive answer at the moment, but let's look at the facts (or rumors as they may be). Every now and then someone on the rec.radio.cb Newsgroup will ask:

"Who made Stoner?"

"Who made CPI?"

And some will answer that each company made their own equipment, however others will say "CPI".

In 1978 I would have laughed loudly and said "No Waaaay", but knowing what we know today about CB Manufacturers (it's cheaper to slap one faceplate over another makers rig than design and build it yourself), I wouldn't be to eager to laugh.


It's possible that Stoner either designed their radio from scratch, or at the least, had a list of the features and specs that they wanted for their new radio, and then went shopping for a builder.

But even if this is true, Woody's hat is off to the Stoner folks for picking such a well thought of, futuristics thinking company as CPI.

I didn't have a CPI to open up, but let's compare the two rigs above: 1). Stoner Pro-40, and 2). Palomar Digital 101:

Do you notice a similarity?

Look at the "cans" and basic layout - Looks the same to me.

While Stoner has their name etched on the circuit board, the Digital 101 has CPI.This similarity isn't enough to say for sure one way or the other, but lemme tell ya, I've opened up a lot of CB radios and nothing else looks like these two under the hood!

If anyone has any other info on the Stoner radio "roots" drop me an e-mail!